About Me


Hello Boys:

My name is Lilli, and I am a sexy, seductive, and sensuous companion. I guess you could say that I am considered a MILF which must mean that I am only getting better! My lovers have always complimented me on my look which includes piercing green eyes and a tall, lithe model's figure accentuated by some exquisite D cup MMs. I am soft spoken, a little goofy, and sweet by nature. My sense of style is highlighted by my demeanor which is part country girl, part city girl, and part wanderer. I enjoy travel and am always searching for my next destination. My primary purpose is to please you and make you feel like you are #1 when you are with me. My hair's always a mess, I'm the furthest thing from "graceful," and I have my fair share of dingy moments . . . I'm nothing close to perfect, but I'm pretty awesome. :D I'm not the only one to say so. You should check me out!!

Born & raised in the DFW area but have been & lived in many places. Leaving Houston at the end of Sept. 2017 and plan to regularly visit the following areas: Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Louisiana, and back home in Texas. I'm always open to visiting other areas after proper screening. 

GFE BBBJCIMNQNS Lotsa kissing CFS - open to lots, but have to be comfortable; I like to go with the flow of things.

No BBFS; No SS; No Fisting unless you want me to kick you in the face; Greek is highly enjoyed but never guaranteed. Even if we've gone there before. No clothing requests if I haven't already met you. It's better that you let me be comfortable. I'm not in to role play and I'm not the dominant, take the lead type. I'm much more on the submissive side. FYI


I swear - I'm a bundle of wicked sweetness!!

I can't wait to meet and show you why my boys really, really like me!




P411 System Id: P207607

Likes Read, listen to a diverse & eclectic playlist, watch movies, documentaries, and some TV; explore art, visit museums & other toursy places. Warm rainy days, blankets/towels right out of the dryer, vulgur/cynical humor like my own, new pens and socks. I also like that this hobby has shown me that I like some things I never knew I liked . . . :D I am well mannered and polite & like the same from my male companions.

Dislikes Ill-mannered people, bad attitude, poor hygiene, those who do not value my time, cold weather, traffic, math, uncertainty, public speaking, "that time of the month" err; folks who are super-close minded about music; spiders and scorpions; death/disease and homelessness and war.

Hobbies photography, travel travel travel- but mostly road trips (long or short. i can handle either) 'cause I'm really nervous in airplanes; Texas hold'em, horse races, reading, writing, computers, camping, hiking, fishing, learnin' new stuff - especially other people's stories; anything animals. & fuckin'! :)

Favorite Food(s) Everything! But no sushi, mushrooms, peas, or spicy or slimy stuff. Bacon! Love that stuff. Chicken Fried Steak. I also have quite a sweet tooth. Or two. Cookies & Cream ice cream, Thin Mint cookies. Fresh fruit

Favorite Beverages Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon, White and Pink Moscato, Caramel Macchiato with extra extra extra caramel

Favorite Flower Gardenia, Yellow Daffodil, Cherry Blossom, Tulip

Favorite Perfume Romance - Ralph Lauren, Euphoria - Calvin Klein

Favorite Color purple, silver

Favorite Animal horses, & my dogs, pandas, and penguins

Favorite Music I have a broad sense of taste in music, and I'm open to all forms. Faves: tool, a perfect circle,nin, deftones, elton john, paul simon, bush, sarah brightman, frank sinatra, hans zimmer, chopin, alabama, johnny cash, b.b. king, hurt, linda ronstadt, george strait, ronnie milsap, nat king cole, connie francis, angels & airwaves, white zombie, slipknot, radiohead, tupac, run dmc, linkin park, alice in chains, soundgarden, ben howard, paul & storm etc etc etc etc

Favorite Holiday 4th of July

Preferred Gifts books, purfume; Gift Cards: iTunes, Amazon Audible, Frederick's of Hollywood, Victoria's Secret, Barnes and Noble, Half Priced Books, Petco


Availability when NOT travelling:

  • Monday night until Thursday morning - Kingwood (will consider meeting in Humble and Spring).
  • Late Friday night until checkout on Sunday: Energy Corridor/Galleria (TBD each week; will consider Westchase, Brookhollow, Katy and other locations)


 NO SHORT NOTICE unless I've posted an AVAILABLE NOW ad on 411, Switter or Oh2. I only see up to 2 gentlemen on any given day, with at least 6 hours between, which makes my availability a bit limited.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, OR WE WILL NOT MEET. If you contact me more than TWICE - before screening is complete - requesting rates, menu or availability, you will be placed on my Do Not See list. If you submit your information incorrectly or incompletely more than TWICE, you will be placed on my Do Not See list. If you can't follow instructions, I do NOT want to meet you.


-3+ references - providers you've seen w/in the last 6 months; include names, contact info & appx. date of meet. Sending links to their provider profiles could speed things along a little.

-I need your name, phone number/email addy, age, race, occupation, & a short physical description of yourself.

-Let me know when you'd like to hang out & for how long.

Send info to:


or PM on 411

***Someone once said to me, "Oh, I sent the bare minimum (regarding references) because I didn't want to clutter your inbox." PFFT! Nonsense. Send as many as you want - the more the merrier, and you're likely to get screened a little more quickly.    




I respond to Reference Checks promptly!! Please have the girls PM or email me, and don't give out my number. :) Thank you very much. KEEP IN MIND: I will not vouch for you if I haven't seen you within the last 6 months or if you give other providers my phone number. Again, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

Providers: it's best to PM for references. Please include gentlemen's name, handle(s) and contact info so I'm able to identify who you're verifying.






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